Brothel AustraliaFly-in-fly-out prostitutes working in cashed up mining towns in Queensland and Western Australia are making more money in a day than miners do in a week. The Sunday Mail reported that mining towns full of cashed-up men deprived of female company are the new hotspot for prostitutes. According to the The Sunday Mail sex workers can earn up to $2000 a day in mining towns.

The earnings are attracting scores of women who stay in motels or caravan parks for a few days or weeks before moving on. But the unregulated industry is also raising concerns from health experts about rising rates of sexually transmitted diseases. One anonymous sex worker said she charged $250 an hour working out of a cabin in a caravan park. 

“Yesterday I made $1000. Last time I was here I made $1750 one Friday,” she said. “I went home with $16,000 and I was here for three weeks.

Researchers say the boom posed risks to women from possible violence, as well as risks to both parties from the spread of STDs. Earlier in the year doctors reported a spike in the number of FIFO workers contracting STD’s and other infections. Australian Medical Association WA chief Dave Mountain said a ‘boom town mentality’ was one factor driving the spike. He said he suspected that while FIFO was “not much of a holiday” it induced a disconnection from normal restraints and behaviour patterns. He said the high pay of some miners also meant FIFO workers were looking to find ways to spend their money.

FIFO Prostitutes for Remote Workers in Australia

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